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Ripe plantain

Ripe plantain

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Country of origin: Ecuador

※Delivery date is subject to change.

※If you type your delivery address wrong, we can't deliver to you.

These plantains have been stored in a different place than the green plantains (unripe plantains). In order to have a better quality control and to guarantee our customers’ health, these plantains have been processed in a special ripening chamber. We need approximately one week to complete the ripening process.

As they have gone through an artificial ripening process in addition to the natural ripening process that they will go through once they leave our warehouse, we ask you to take them out of the box once you receive your order and store them properly at your delivery address.

Because they are ripe, in seasons of high temperatures they tend to finish ripening faster and also to get damaged quickly.

Please eat the plantains as soon as possible after receiving your order. Remember that the plantain is a fruit and healthy consumption once delivered will be at the customer's discretion.

We cannot control the quality of the fruit once delivered.

As these are ripe plantains that have taken time and effort to ripen, once you have placed your order, we strongly ask you to refrain from making cancellations once your order has been shipped and left our warehouse.

When you submit your order, a notification email will be sent to your email. You will be able to verify the date and time of arrival using that notification email.


 1.There are individual differences and seasonal variations in the size and number of plantains.
 2.We only ship orders according to our product list.
3.From the date of delivery, consume within 7 days.
4.During the late spring and summer months, plantains ripen earlier than normal due to hot and humid conditions.
5.During autumn and winter, plantains are difficult to ripen due to cold and dry weather.
6.Plantains are treated as fruits and vegetables. Customers judge the expiration date. We are not responsible for this.
7.You can check product availability, arrival status, and inventory by registering as a member and following SNS.
8.Dispose of plastic bags and boxes safely. They cannot be eaten. They are not edible.

Delivery information

1.We will ship your order the day after it is placed.
2.Please note that delivery may take an additional day to several days in the following areas:
Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefectures.

3.We cannot deliver to US military bases or administrative facilities.

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