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Special Selection

With the support of the Embassy of Ecuador, we select only the best quality plantains from Ecuador, one of the world's largest plantain producers.
In Latin America, people eat plantain in different ways such as patacones, soups and chips.

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    ・ 2 green plantains
    ・Frying oil

    See recipes 
  • Huevos Rotos y Platano Verde

    Scrambled Eggs and Green Plantain

    ・2 green plantains
    ・Olive oil

    See recipes 
  • Bolón de plátano

    Bolon de plátano

    ・2 green plantains
    ・Grated mozzarella cheese
    ・Olive oil

    See recipes 

Benefits of Plantain


Rich in resistant starch!

Resistant starch is an ingredient that regulates intestinal functions and prevents lifestyle-related diseases.
Foods rich in resistant starch, such as green plantains, help control blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of diabetes, and lower cholesterol levels. In addition, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Rich in potassium!

Plantains contain high potassium levels. Potassium is an essential mineral for muscles which helps to prevent muscle spasms caused by prolonged exercise.
In addition, it helps control blood pressure and plays an important role in salt excretion. .


A high concentration of vitamin C and vitamin B!

Vitamin C is 15-20 mg per 100g, higher than common bananas. It is beneficial against colds, fatigue, and rough skin.
It is also rich in vitamin B1, which promotes enzyme secretion, vitamin B2, which forms mucous membranes, and niacin, which improves blood circulation.

Additional FAQ below

What payment methods can I choose?

 You can pay by cash on delivery or credit card.

How do you deliver my order?

In spring, autumn, and winter, we use Sagawa Express, Yamato Transport, and Japan Post's regular courier service. Cool delivery will be used in summer. Basically, we will ship your order from our warehouse the next day of the placement date. Standard delivery times range from 2 to 5 days from the time the order is placed, depending on the region.

If I couldn't receive my order because I wasn't at home, what should I do?

In this case, please request a redelivery from the delivery company (either Sagawa Express, Yamato Transport, or Japan Post). Please note: Each delivery company has a storage period limit. If the delivery company's storage period passes, the package will be returned to us. In that case, additional shipping charges may apply. Also, please note that in this situation we cannot guarantee the quality of the product.

What is the best way to store plantains once I receive them?

If you store them in the refrigerator vegetable compartment, it will last longer.

Is there an expiration date?

Like other vegetables and fruits, it depends on storage conditions. Generally, if you keep it in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, it will last about 2 weeks. Or you can store them for a long time by peeling and freezing them. The expiration date must be determined by the customer since it is treated as a fruit or vegetable.

How should I cook the plantains?

Please refer to the recipes posted on our website and social media.

My plantains are not green anymore, they have turned yellow. Can I eat them?

 Yellow plantains are still edible. When plantains are yellow, they become sweeter. Cook yellow plantains by referring to recipes posted on Andes Foods' website and our social media platforms.

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